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Novel Approach to the Treatment of Neuropathic Pain Using a Combination with Palmitoylethanolamide and Equisetum arvense L. in an In Vitro Study 1-gen-2023 Ruga, S.; Galla, R.; Ferrari, S.; Invernizzi, M.; Uberti, F.
The Activity of Ten Natural Extracts Combined in a Unique Blend to Maintain Cholesterol Homeostasis—In Vitro Model 1-gen-2022 Ruga, S.; Galla, R.; Penna, C.; Molinari, C.; Uberti, F.
The Lack of Systemic and Subclinical Side Effects of Botulinum Neurotoxin Type-A in Patients Affected by Post-Stroke Spasticity: A Longitudinal Cohort Study 1-gen-2022 Battaglia, M.; Borg, M. B.; Torgano, L.; Loro, A.; Cosenza, L.; Bertoni, M.; Picelli, A.; Santamato, A.; Invernizzi, M.; Uberti, F.; Molinari, C.; Carda, S.; Baricich, A.
In vitro analysis of the effects of plant-derived chondroitin sulfate from intestinal barrier to chondrocytes 1-gen-2022 Galla, R.; Ruga, S.; Ferrari, S.; Saccone, S.; Saccuman, L.; Invernizzi, M.; Uberti, F.
Impact of nutraceuticals and dietary supplements on mitochondria modifications in healthy aging: a systematic review of randomized controlled trials 1-gen-2022 Lippi, L.; Uberti, F.; Folli, A.; Turco, A.; Curci, C.; D'Abrosca, F.; de Sire, A.; Invernizzi, M.
Ovotransferrin Supplementation Improves the Iron Absorption: An In Vitro Gastro‐Intestinal Model 1-gen-2021 Galla, Rebecca; Grisenti, Paride; Farghali, MAHITAB MAHMOUD ALSAYED ALY; Saccuman, Laura; Ferraboschi, Patrizia; Uberti, Francesca
A Combination of α-Lipoic Acid (ALA) and Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) Blocks Endotoxin-Induced Oxidative Stress and Cytokine Storm: A Possible Intervention for COVID-19 1-gen-2021 Uberti, F.; Ruga, S.; Farghali, M.; Galla, R.; Molinari, C.
Effects of a New Combination of Natural Extracts on Glaucoma-Related Retinal Degeneration 1-gen-2021 Molinari, Claudio; Ruga, Sara; Farghali, Mahitab; Galla, Rebecca; Fernandez-Godino, Rosario; Clemente, Nausicaa; Uberti, Francesca
Preventing c2c12 muscular cells damage combining magnesium and potassium with vitamin D3 and curcumin 1-gen-2021 Molinari, C.; Ruga, S.; Farghali, M.; Galla, R.; Bassiouny, A.; Uberti, F.
Lipoic acid and vitamin D3 and their use in preventing brain aging 1-gen-2021 Uberti, F.; Ruga, S.; Morsanuto, V.; Farghali, M.; Molinari, C.
Study of magnesium formulations on intestinal cells to influence myometrium cell relaxation 1-gen-2020 Uberti, F.; Morsanuto, V.; Ruga, S.; Galla, R.; Farghali, M.; Notte, F.; Bozzo, C.; Magnani, C.; Nardone, A.; Molinari, C.
A new palmitoylethanolamide form combined with antioxidant molecules to improve its effectivess on neuronal aging 1-gen-2020 Morsanuto, V.; Galla, R.; Molinari, C.; Uberti, F.
The role of BDNF on aging-modulation markers 1-gen-2020 Molinari, C.; Morsanuto, V.; Ruga, S.; Notte, F.; Farghali, M.; Galla, R.; Uberti, F.
Can brain health be supported by vitamin d-based supplements? A critical review 1-gen-2020 Farghali, M.; Ruga, S.; Morsanuto, V.; Uberti, F.
Effect of Mixed Lipoic Acid, Vitamin D, Phosphatidylserine and Homotaurine to Obtain a New Formulation for Brain Ageing Prevention 1-gen-2019 Uberti, Francesca; Morsanuto, Vera; Ruga, Sara; Stoppa, Ian; Galla, Rebecca; Notte, Felice; Molinari, Claudio Giuseppe
Evaluation of the Efficacy on Patients Suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease of Anti- Radiation Screens and Protec-tive Patches to Preserve them from the Effects of Artificial Electromagnetic Fields and Natural Radiation 1-gen-2019 Olivieri, Marina; Molinari, Claudio Giuseppe; Ruga, Sara; Maria Nardi, Gianna; Limardo, Nicola; Uberti, Francesca
Role of Vitamin D3 and Alginates in Prevention of NSAID-Dependent Cellular Injury 1-gen-2019 Molinari, Claudio Giuseppe; Morsanuto, Vera; Ruga, Sara; Stoppa, Ian; Notte, Felice; Farghali, MAHITAB MAHMOUD ALSAYED ALY; Bozzo, Chiarella; Uberti, Francesca
Role of Alginates Combined with Natural Extracts to Prevent the Gastric Acid-Related Damage 1-gen-2019 Uberti, Francesca; Secondini, Lorenzo; Stoppa, Ian; Catera, Mietta; Molinari, Claudio
Role of combined lipoic acid and vitamin D3 on astrocytes as a way to prevent brain ageing by induced oxidative stress and iron accumulation 1-gen-2019 Molinari, C.; Morsanuto, V.; Ghirlanda, S.; Ruga, S.; Notte, F.; Gaetano, L.; Uberti, F.
Evaluation of the effectiveness of protective patches on acupoints to preserve the bioenergetic status against magnetic fields 1-gen-2018 Molinari, C.; Stoppa, I.; Limardo, N.; Uberti, F.
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