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Do early freshmen graduate earlier than late ones? Enrollment promptness and tardiness as indicators of academic success. In corso di stampa Novarese, Marco; Chirico, Paolo; di Giovinazzo, Viviana
TOURISM AND THE PANDEMICS: ONLY THREATS OR (A FEW) OPPORTUNITIES? 1-gen-2023 Cavagliato, Veronica; Bruno, Clementina; Novarese, Marco
Color and abundance: Influencing children's food choices 1-gen-2023 Faralla, V.; Savadori, L.; Mittone, L.; Novarese, M.; Ardizzone, A.
Metaphors we lie by: our ‘war’against COVID-19 1-gen-2022 Benzi, Margherita; Novarese, Marco
Being in the right place: A natural field experiment on the causes of position effects in individual choice 1-gen-2022 Harris, M. N.; Novarese, M.; Wilson, C. M.
Replication: Framing effects in intertemporal choice with children 1-gen-2021 Faralla, Valeria; Novarese, Marco; Di Giovinazzo, Viviana
Promises in group decision making 1-gen-2020 Faralla, V.; Bora, G.; Innocenti, A.; Novarese, M.
Children’s organic fruit nectar satisfaction: an experimental economics approach 1-gen-2019 Ardizzone, A.; Faralla, V.; Novarese, M.
Nudge, a Critical Perspective 1-gen-2018 Ambrosino, Angela; Faralla, Valeria; Novarese, Marco
Are worst students really more overconfident? A preliminary test of different measures 1-gen-2017 Lotito, Gianna; Maffioletti, Anna; Novarese, Marco
Framing effects in intertemporal choice: A nudge experiment 1-gen-2017 Faralla, Valeria; Novarese, M.; Ardizzone, A.
The meaning of happiness: attention and time perception 1-gen-2016 Di Giovinazzo, Viviana; Novarese, Marco
La mossa del cavallo. Simon tra economia comportamentale ed economia cognitiva 1-gen-2016 Castellani, M.; di Giovinazzo, V.; Novarese, Marco
Simon’s (Lost?) Legacy in Agent-Based Computational Economics 1-gen-2016 Castellani, Marco; Novarese, Marco
Neuroeconomics: Infeasible and Underdetermined 1-gen-2016 Mc Master, R.; Novarese, Marco
Wolfram Elsner, Torsten Heinrich, and Henning Schwardt: The microeconomics of complex economies: evolutionary, institutional, neoclassical and complexity perspectives 1-gen-2016 Novarese, Marco
The challenge of fear to economics 1-gen-2015 Cedrini, Mario A.; Novarese, Marco
Le routine nelle organizzazioni 1-gen-2015 Castellani, M; Novarese, Marco
“Are better students really less overconfident? A preliminary test of different measures” 1-gen-2014 Lotito, Gianna; A., Maffioletti; Novarese, Marco
Special issue on “Bounded Rationality updated” 1-gen-2014 Novarese, Marco
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 67
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